Previous CRE Rising Fund Awardees

The 2016 CRE Rising Fund Awardees were Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative, Destination Tomorrow, Grace Outreach, The Knowledge House, and Turning Point for Women and Families. More details about their projects are below.

Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI)
Mission: BCDI leverages existing Bronx assets to address economic, social, and environmental challenges within the borough, and supports collective ownership models in order to distribute wealth and decision-making equitably and broadly among Bronx residents.
Project request: Assist with a strategic planning process for this new and quickly expanding organization; support for developing the Board of Directors to provide appropriate guidance and oversight.
CRE consulting services provided: Strategic planning; Board development
Outcomes achieved: Through this project, BCDI successfully identified five-year organizational and planning goals, milestones for implementation, and areas of investment for meeting these goals.

Destination Tomorrow
: Destination Tomorrow ensures that LGBT members of the Bronx and surrounding areas have access to quality programs and services. It offers an LGBT youth drop in space, a referral to competent medical/mental health providers, and services by and for the Transgender community.
Project request: Support in the development of financial management strategies and human resource policies.
CRE consulting services provided: Financial management; Human resource management
Outcomes achieved: Through this project (ongoing), Destination Tomorrow will develop comprehensive human resource management resources for their staff and will run through budget modeling and projection exercises to prepare for the following year.

The Knowledge House
Mission: The Knowledge House helps young adults develop professionally and launch careers or ventures to uplift their own communities through local technology programs. It is dedicated to placing young adults at the center of leading innovation in their neighborhoods to spur community-based economic development.
Project request: Support in designing and facilitating a Theory of Change planning process to clarify organizational vision and value; help organization to better communicate strategy to external stakeholders.
CRE consulting services provided: Theory of Change; Strategic planning
Outcomes achieved: Through this project, The Knowledge House aligned board and staff around a finalized theory of change and one-year implementation plan.

Grace Outreach
Mission: Grace Outreach combats the educational and employment disparities faced by low-income, non-high school-degreed women in the Bronx by providing GED and college assistance programs.
Project request:  Assess current outreach strategies; explore new ways to enhance outreach; develop plan for beginning to evaluate outreach and program retention.
CRE consulting services provided: Program planning; Innovation
Outcomes achieved: Through this project, Grace Outreach developed a comprehensive community outreach plan and gained a deeper understanding of the target population.

Turning Point for Women and Families
Mission: Turning Point is a community-based organization addressing the needs of Muslim women and children in Queens, including domestic violence, child safety, immigration, poverty, and the aftermath of 9/11. It offers free services in a culturally and religiously sensitive environment.
Project request: Review mission and vision with board and staff; support in clarifying and strengthening board roles and responsibilities.
CRE consulting services provided: Strategic planning; Board development
Outcomes achieved: Through this project, Turning Point has was able to complete two successful staff and board retreats that resulted in a revamped mission and committed response to the changing needs of their community and clients post-election.

The 2015 CRE Rising Fund Awardees were Bronx River Arts Center, Health People, MASA, South Bronx United, and Workers Center Federation.