Strengthening management skills for emerging leaders.

This year’s High Performing Managers Initiative will focus on how you manage and lead teams and staff during times of uncertainty. The cohort will equip managers with best practices, core competencies, and skills that prepare managers to develop, manage, and mobilize staff in an increasingly remote and virtual environment. In total, there will be eight group sessions and one individual coaching session. Given the pandemic and the need to stay safe, all sessions will be virtual via video conferencing.

The cost per participant is $3,900. We recognize that this may be a barrier for some participants. We endeavor to secure support from some of our funders to offer full or partial scholarships to accepted participants.


This program will feature:

Issue-based workshops with peers at other organizations.

360° feedback assessment from peers, managers, and supervisees within your organization.

Individual coaching to support your development as a manager.

Small-group peer to peer support sessions that provide opportunities to grapple with your specific management challenges.


Who should apply:

Emerging leaders at nonprofit organizations, ideally with at least three years of managerial experience.

Mid-level managers with two or more people reporting to them, whose performance they supervise and evaluate.


This program will help you:

› Lead and manage your team towards outcomes in times of uncertainty

› Support effective collaboration within your team in virtual

› Maximize your impact and influence in your

› Strengthen your supervision skills toward developing a high performing team.

› Apply a culturally competent lens to your approach to supervision and management.


HPMI Calendar

December 8th

9am – 12pm

January 12th

9am – 12pm

February 2nd

9am – 12pm

March 2nd

9am – 12pm

March 23rd

9am – 12pm

April 6th

9am – 12pm

April 27th

9am – 12pm

May 18th

9am – 12pm

New application submission dates will be made available in February 2021

For more information, contact Aisha Johnson at [email protected]


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