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Patty Denisse Guzmán


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Meet Patty Denisse. As a consultant at CRE, Patty Denisse brings over a decade of nonprofit and public sector experience to her work with a variety of nonprofit and New York City government agencies in areas such as strategic planning, talent and human resource management, team effectiveness, leadership development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

Get to know her a little. As an afro-indigenous Peruvian immigrant, Patty Denisse is particularly drawn to issues of culture, identity and intersectionality. She’s spent the bulk of her career working to support sustainable, equitable and self-directed communities. She’s worked with diverse mission-driven organizations as a program manager, trainer, organizational consultant and healing justice facilitator. Prior to joining Community Resource Exchange, Patty Denisse was a Senior Project Officer at The Working World where she advised NYC-based worker-owned cooperatives in navigating democratic governance and effective business management. In this role she also helped initiate The Working World’s internal taskforce focused on cultivating equity and anti-racism in within their organizational culture. She has particular interest and expertise in working at the intersection of human development, well-being and organizational effectiveness, and takes a strength-based approach to organizational transformation. She brings Critical Pedagogy, Just Transition, and Emergent Strategy methodologies to her consulting approach. Patty Denisse attended New York University’s Master’s in Food Studies Program and received a B.S. in Environmental Science and B.A. in Environmental Studies from Santa Clara University with a concentration in Community Development. She is also Certified in Mental Health First Aid through Thrive NYC.

Go on, a little bit more. Patty Denisse grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys frequent bicoastal trips to visit her family, friends, and the beautiful ecosystems of the Golden Coast. She can read, write, and speak in Spanish.

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