Our Team

Elizabeth Dettke

Social Work Intern

[email protected]

Meet Elizabeth: She supports CRE consultants in research and analysis for projects related to strategic planning, organizational development, and talent management.

Get to know her a little: Elizabeth has a background working in international development consulting with Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI). The work took Elizabeth to Afghanistan, Tunisia, and Madagascar where she worked on 5 to 60 million-dollar proposals for donor-funded projects in private sector development, livelihoods, conservation, service delivery, and decentralization. Elizabeth served in the Peace Corps in Rwanda where she supported the launch of a women-run social enterprise, the Duterimbere Bakery. Thereafter, she worked for the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee before joining international development consulting firm, DAI’s business development team. Elizabeth served as chair of Indego Africa’s Washington DC board and has a B.A. from the University of Virginia and is a current M.S. candidate at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, majoring in social enterprise administration and minoring in business.

Bet you didn’t know: Elizabeth dedicates most of her spare time to supporting a bakery she co-founded in Zaza, Rwanda. The bakery is a women-run social enterprise that hires HIV positive single mothers. She recently produced a short documentary about the business, Zaza Rising has been recognized at film festivals nationally and abroad.  She loves anything to do with music and is an avid concert and festival goer, particularly into funk and jazz but also enjoys minimal techno thanks to her Berlin roots.