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CRE Approach
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Community Resource Exchange helps New York nonprofit leaders build sustainable, effective organizations that fight poverty and advance social justice.

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"CRE has leveraged the funding they have received from the Office of Minority Health through providing technical assistance to agencies that have gone on to receive exponentially more money because they’ve used the support of CRE to improve their grant writing and fundraising activities."

- Evaluator, Office of Minority Health Project

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Our Approach

CRE Principles for Client Work

CRE believes in:

  • partnering with our clients,
  • building organizational capacity, and
  • working for community-wide impact.

Principles to Employ Across Practice Areas

  • A belief that enhancing capacity is achievable
  • The understanding that implementation is key

CRE believes that enhancing capacity is achievable; we also understand that implementation is key.

Partnering with Community Organizations

Most of CRE’s work is in poor and disenfranchised communities. As we work with nonprofit leaders from these communities, we are mindful of two aspects of the partnership.

  • First, we bring our management skills to the table in order to make their lives and the lives of their colleagues more manageable by making their organizations more effective.
  • Second, we encourage them to think about the root cause of the problems they are facing, and work with them to find the resources within their own networks to address permanent change – social change.

It is our experience that stronger organizations empower communities, and we work with each client to help them actualize that empowerment agenda.

The Goal – Strong, Effective Nonprofits

CRE enables clients to build what we consider the “three legged stool” for high-performing organizations:

  1. solid, visionary leadership,
  2. strong and efficient organizational systems and structures, and
  3. effective programming that links strategy, planning and outcomes.

CRE strives to provide affordable services to all of our clients.

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