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"CRE is unequaled in terms of its understanding of managing human services nonprofits.  It is important for a consulting firm to "get" nonprofit management. CRE understands that intrinsically."

- David Mensah, ED, Hetrick Martin Institute

Our Services

Our Services

Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is a nonprofit consulting firm with a unique purpose – catalyzing social change by building the management capacity of nonprofit organizations advancing the interests of low- and moderate-income individuals and neighborhoods in New York City. CRE believes that community-based organizations (CBOs) are the engines of social change for people and neighborhoods in which opportunities and resources are limited. CRE executes its mission through one-to-one consulting and professional development in our areas of core competency including:

In some ways, capacity building as delivered by CRE does not look or feel like typical management consulting. Our belief in and understanding of our clients and their missions is an important difference. CRE recognizes the talent, commitment and community leadership embodied in the organizations that we serve. We know that many, if not most, community-based organizations work continuously to improve their programs, impact their communities and achieve financial stability.

CRE recognizes that an organization’s size, age, and complexity influence their management and leadership needs and challenges. And we know that an organization’s leadership profile, internal dynamics, change scenario, and assets will inform CRE’s approach to establishing a productive consulting engagement.

CRE achieves good results across the full range of organizations that occupy the sector and across the breath of their capacity building needs and interests.

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