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CRE Mission and Vision
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Community Resource Exchange helps New York nonprofit leaders build sustainable, effective organizations that fight poverty and advance social justice.

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"One of things I appreciate about CRE is that it understands about organizational capacity. CRE begins with what the organization has and what it practically can do."

About CRE : Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Community Resource Exchange’s (CRE’s) vision is to build a more just, equitable and livable city for all New Yorkers.

To achieve this goal, CRE provides strategic advice, management assistance, and capacity building services to New York City nonprofits working to fight poverty and advance social justice. Our services are designed to make nonprofits serving the poorest and most vulnerable New Yorkers stronger and more effective.

CRE builds the capacity of New York City nonprofits through one-to-one consulting, executive coaching, and peer-based leadership and management development programs. We make nonprofit management materials available on our website and operate a conference center which other nonprofits can rent. At times, we convene nonprofit, government and foundation representatives on issues of importance to our communities and the nonprofit sector.

Informed by over 30 years of experience, CRE provides nonprofit leaders with the management skills they need to both optimize their own talent, increase their nonprofit’s overall effectiveness, and better demonstrate the results they are achieving so that they can make the case for greater investment in their organization, community, or cause. We believe that community-based organizations are the engines of social change, and often the most proximate means for disenfranchised people to access needed services. CRE serves as a catalyst for that change by helping these nonprofits to achieve what we know to be the foundation for organizational health:

  • Financial strength,
  • High performing staff,
  • Effective leadership, and
  • Effective programs.
Our clients work in multiple arenas including youth development, HIV prevention, aging, legal services, policy and advocacy, and services to immigrants. They are located in all five boroughs, often in communities where resources and opportunities are limited; their staffs and boards reflect the diversity of their neighborhoods.

We strongly believe in the power of nonprofits working together, so CRE assists nonprofits in coming together in whatever collaborative relationship makes sense for their missions and their communities.

Affordable Services

As a nonprofit management consulting firm, CRE strives to make its services affordable to nonprofits of all sizes and especially to community-based organizations. While many of our nonprofit clients pay for CRE’s services through their own budgets, we can also work with nonprofits to identify funding for consulting engagements and professional development. Selected grantees of the following government and foundation funders may be able to receive appropriate services at a reduced rate or free of charge:
  • Department for the Aging
  • The Robert Bowne Foundation
  • Department of Youth and Community Development
  • The New York Foundation
  • The New York City Communities of Color HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative
  • The Fund for New Citizens
A very small number of organizations which are not grantees of one of CRE’s third party payers and which lack the ability to pay CRE directly may meet the criteria for short-term assistance through our Pro-Bono account.

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