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For over 30 years, CRE has seen that productive board-board and board-staff dynamics provide organizations with an unparalleled competitive edge. As a nonprofit itself, CRE is uniquely positioned to address the board and planning needs of others in the nonprofit sector. CRE knows first-hand the challenges of nonprofit management in the current environment.
Anne Hess, Chair of CRE’s Development Committee
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"I see CRE as a professional group, willing and open to working with nonprofits, and assisting us in the whole process of how we reach our goals."

- Karen Liu, Division Director, CPC Daycare

About CRE : Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Photo by Balbuena Graphics.
From left to right: Marc Weingarten, Keiko Ianthe DeLille, Pamela Green, Caitlin LaCroix, Gelvin Stevenson, Anne H. Hess, Raymond D. Horton, Patricia Hewitt (Chair), Robert C. Penn, Sr., Gregg S. Fisher, and Stephanie H. Smith.

Margaret Booth
President, MBooth & Associates
Keiko Ianthe DeLille, Vice Chair
Community Development Consultant
Gregg S. Fisher
President & Chief Investment Officer, Gerstein Fisher
Pamela Green
Executive Director (retired), Weeksville Heritage Center
Anne H. Hess
Philanthropist and Activist
Patricia Hewitt, Chair
Raymond D. Horton
Founder, Social Enterprise Program Columbia University Graduate School of Business
Caitlin LaCroix
Chief of Staff, Community Solutions
Samantha G. Lasry
Program Manager-Women's Health, Afya Foundation
Benjamin F. Lorick, Secretary
Teacher, New York Department of Education
Jerry H. Marcus
Vice Chair, Retail, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Robert C. Penn, Sr.
President, Vanguard Management Group
Stephanie H. Smith
Global Co-Head, Credit Derivatives Operations, Goldman Sachs
Gelvin Stevenson, Ph.D.
Director, Clear Skies Group
Marc Weingarten
Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel

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