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Are you a nonprofit leader in need of a quick answer to a management problem? Contact CRE's Nonprofit Management Hotline. Senior members of the CRE staff provide immediate assistance via “amped up” information and referral, strategic advice, guidance and coaching!

Community Resource Exchange helps New York nonprofit leaders build sustainable, effective organizations that fight poverty and advance social justice.

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"I see CRE as a professional group, willing and open to working with nonprofits, and assisting us in the whole process of how we reach our goals."

- Karen Liu, Division Director, CPC Daycare

About CRE

About CRE

About CRE
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For over 30 years, Community Resource Exchange (CRE) has worked to create a more just, equitable and livable city for ALL New Yorkers. We provide strategic advice and technical services every year to more than 300 community-based nonprofit organizations confronting social issues such as poverty and HIV/AIDS in low and moderate income neighborhoods. As one of the most established nonprofit management consulting providers of its kind, CRE provides its clients with information, guidance, resources for nonprofits, skill building and leadership training for Community Based Organizations to make New York City stronger - one community group at a time.

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