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CRE Leadership Caucus
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Participant comments from a recent Caucus articulating their growth as leaders follows:

“Now as the caucus closes, I have grown into my adult clothes. I am not worried about someone pulling aside the curtain and seeing a kid just pretending. With support from CRE and my new found cohort of peers, I can pick up the phone and get advice when I am unsure. I can lean on staff when I have too much on my plate…I don’t have everything figured out but I know I am part of a strong team that together we [sic] can deal with whatever challenges come our way.”

“I can say with confidence this program has increased the effectiveness of many organizations – and therefore tens of thousands of individuals we serve! Thank you for your wisdom, your support, and your commitment to seeing us grow and for helping us believe it’s possible. I think what you do is probably one of the most important work[sic] in this city to make justice, equity, and positive social change more possible!”

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"CRE takes the time to understand what we do and to support us in our vision for what we want to do."

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Leadership Caucus

Our cornerstone program, the Leadership Caucus strengthens the capabilities of the next generation of nonprofit leaders. It is a robust eight-month leadership development opportunity, enriched by the use of multiple, interactive learning experiences, including issue-based discussions, action-learning sessions in small teams, and a Leadership Lab to practice critical skills in a real-time environment. CRE's Caucus also offers a 360° performance evaluation and feedback session, and individual coaching sessions. All CRE consultants are certified 360° coaches.

CRE is *no longer* accepting applications for its 2013-2014 Leadership Caucus.

To learn more about the caucus, please review the flyer below.

2013-2014 Leadership Caucus Flyer 2013-2014 Leadership Caucus Flyer (552 KB)
Information about the CRE Leadership Caucus.

For questions about the program, contact Jeff Ballow at jballow@crenyc.org.

Board Leadership Caucus

We have developed a Board Leadership Caucus for board chairs which began in November 2009. It offers leadership preparation for:

  • handling the complexities of volunteer governance;
  • grasping the complicated financial and accountability structure of tax-exempt, publicly funded entities; and
  • asserting influence in artful ways with colleague volunteers, staff, and funders given the realities of limited time and information.

The Board Leadership Caucus will be delivered in four content rich seminars and offers additional peer learning through two action learning sessions as well as the opportunity for a 360° performance evaluation and related coaching.

Board Leadership Caucus Flyer Board Leadership Caucus Flyer (39 KB)

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